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Antique, Vintage, & Collectible Items

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Artwork, Americana, Antique Jewelry, Silver

Artwork, Americana
Folk Art and Handicrafts
Antique and Vintage Jewelry
Early Lighting, Oil Lamps

Artwork, including Oil, Watercolor, Pastel
Reverse on Glass, and Paintings of varied Genre
Silver, Sterling, Gold, Antique Pewter
Vintage Bakelite Jewelry
Treenware, Wood Carving, Tramp Art, Folk Art
Baskets and Other Early Handicrafts
Early, vintage, and antique oil lamps and lighting.

Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks,
Sterling Silver Hallmarks & Maker's Marks, and a
Silver, Gold, and Precious Metal Value Calculator link !


Antique Glassware, Pottery, Porcelain, Crocks

Antique and Vintage Glassware
Pottery, Porcelain, Crocks

Antique and Vintage Ceramics of all Types

(Discounted Antique and Vintage "Shelf Pieces" are on Page 2)

Glass and Pottery Reference Material
& Glass Encyclopedia !


Cast Iron, Metal, Tin and Iron

Cast Iron, Metal, Tin and Iron Items,

Vintage Kitchenware & Antique Kitchen Tools

From old doorstops, bookends, antique trivets and sad irons,
to vintage kitchen tools of yesteryear,
if it's tin, metal or cast iron, we'll try to put it here for you to find.

Vintage Toys, Antique Toy Banks, dolls, games

Toys, Antique Toy Banks, Vintage Piggy Banks,
Collectible Penny Banks, Cast Iron Banks,
Toy Trains, Toy Cars, Dolls, Vintage Toys,

Games, and more.

Vintage, Collectible and Souvenir Items

Vintage, Collectible and Souvenir Items
Vintage and Antique Novelty Items
Nostalgia driven Collectibles
Early, Vintage Political Items

Antique & Vintage
Tube Radios, TV, Early Electronics

Radio Test Equipment, Tubes, Parts
Vintage Scientific Items.

Vintage Ham Radio, and Electronic Parts.

* Modern Electronics, MIDI, WiFi, GPS on page 2

Antique and Vintage Collectible
 Film Camera and Photo Equipment.

Film Cameras, Nikon, Leica, Minolta, Kodak, Graflex,
 Olympus, Yashica, Canon, and Film Camera Accessories
 Antique, Vintage, and Collectible
 Tripods, Lenses, Film Cases, Etc.

Digital Photo/Video (visit page 2)! 

Sporting Goods, Sports Items, Fishing, golf

Sporting Goods, Sports Items, Fishing, Hunting,
Ball Sports, Golf, Golf Clubs
and items of interest to the collector of
Antique and Vintage sporting paraphernalia.


Antique Ephemera, Advertising, Vintage Paper Items

Antique Ephemera, Advertising, Vintage Paper Items,
post cards, advertising, manuals, books,
and other advertising media.


Online Yard Sale, surplus new and used

Flea Market
Miscellaneous Items
Yard Sale Items
New and Used Surplus

All the surplus you would expect to find at a
Flea Market, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, or Tag Sale.

From High Heel Shoes to Tools, You May Find It Here!

Free Classified Ads
Free Classified Ads (with pictures)
 for Antiques and Collectibles


Antiques and Collectibles Forum 

~~ Antiques and Collectibles Forum  ~~
  Questions, Answers and Discussion for
  Antiques and Collectibles  (with pictures)


Patent-dates reference list

US Government provided
Patent-dates reference list


Style-Period Dates reference list

Style-Period Dates reference list,
and a Roman Numeral Converter!


Listed Artists reference guides

Listed Artists reference guides.
  See if that artwork is famous! ($$$)

Antiques IRC Chat Room

Antiques IRC Chat Room!


newsgroups for Antiques

Search the "newsgroups" for Antiques

and Collectibles information!

Dictionary service

On-line Dictionary service, an on-line Roman Numeral converter,
and a Silver Mark Encyclopedia service!


Links to other Antique & Collectible Shops

Links to other Antique & Collectible Shops?
Our linking partner's banners are at the
bottom of each page! Be sure to give them a 
visit for a most enjoyable experience!

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