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Artwork, including Oil, Watercolor, Pastel. Paintings of varied Genre.
Silver, Pewter, Sterling, Gold - Early Bakelite Jewelry, Antique Pewter;
Treenware, Wood Carving, Tramp Art, Baskets and Other Early Handicrafts;
Early, Vintage, and Antique oil lamps and lighting.

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Antique Pewter Tobacco Jar

Antique Pewter Tobacco Jar
Acorn shaped Humidor Container/Urn.

Very attractive "Acorn" shaped Tobacco Humidor with it's aged pewter patina intact.

7-1/2" high, 5-1/2" diameter

Unidentified origin and date, with the word "pewter" as the only marking on the base of this Tobacco Humidor.

Item:  wp312           $185.00
        Shipping: 4 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Victorian Wall Mirror Small Victorian Period Wall Mirror
Small oval celluloid picture at top of 5" x 4" mirror.
Metal (tin) frame is 10" x 4" overall.
If you like the Victorian period, you'll love this!

Please note: Picture is somewhat age-bleached and the flat, plain mirror shows signs of aged spotting.

Item: wp370              $48.00
             Shipping: 1 lb 5oz


(Our Zip is:

Urn Shaped Basket Urn Shaped Basket
Woven grass basket; Four handles at top.
(one handle is partially detached)
Basket sits slightly askew due to age shrinkage.
Nice color and weave design.

This woven grass basket appears to be a Native American design of the '20s-'30s era, likely for the tourist trade.

Stands approximately 10" tall and about 9" wide.

Item:  wp356      $45.00      Shipping:
3lbs  14x12x10  


(Our Zip is:

Sterling Silver Porringer Traditional Sterling Silver Baby Porringer

This Sterling Silver Porringer has the engraved names: "Patricia; Comd. and Mrs. Davidson; Oct. 4th 1942"

Silversmith markings: "R.D.  -  Sterling  -  141"

Size: 4-1/4" porringer bowl; 6-1/4" overall
(Some very minor dings; needs cleaning, as pictured.)

Item:  wp310   $65.00   
12x9x6  1lb


(Our Zip is:





New Blaze - BB&C Company
Kerosene Oil Lamp

Attractive painted glass font on a brass base.
11-3/4” high, 7-3/4” wide

"The Bristol Brass & Clock Company  (B.B. & C. or  BB and C) was organized on April 3, 1850, at Foster's Tavern, in Bristol, Connecticut.

In 1868, The Bristol Brass & Clock Company diversified into the burner and lamp business. On April 28, 1868, they purchased the burner shop of George W. Brown & Company. Brown was an inventor and manufacturer of mechanical toys.

Bristol Brass & Clock was assigned at least twenty-three lighting-related patents between August 31, 1869 and June 6, 1911."

To view any of the above patents, Query USPTO Database. This will take you to the specific patent images on the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Database. Learn more about the USPTO  here.

Credit to all of above data, is from here:

This oil lamp was once electrified and the burner innards are missing. Holes had been drilled through the inner base bottom and the font tank, but not noticeable from the outward appearance. The burner knob is with the unit, but the burner itself is non-functional and must be replaced; please refer to the detailed hi-res pictures!

Although this kerosene oil lamp would take very little to restore it back to usable condition, it is being sold as-is in its presently non-functional condition.

Item: 5354      $ 125.00           Shipping: 5 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Bronze Art Nouveau Candlestick
Bronze Art Nouveau CandlestickBronze Art Nouveau Candlestick

Bronze Art Nouveau Candlestick

Exquisite Bronze candlestick on a white marble base.

This nouveau candlestick is 12” high, on a 5.5” base, yet commands attention through it's sheer, delicate attractiveness.

(shipped disassembled)

Item: 5378        $65.00         Shipping: 3 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Antique Hair Safe Antique Folk Art Hair Safe

Appears to have been made in Russia, and used to save lockets of hair.

Designs are carved and painted on top and sides.
Small brass lock and hasps (no key)

Measures 3-5/8" square x 3-1/4" high
Item: wp211     $38.00
     Shipping 1 lb


(Our Zip is:




Vintage Folk Art Tapestry
Peru Street Scene

“Vamos A Alabar A Dios”  (Celebrate the Lord) is written at the top of this tapestry in black paint; the added title adds to the overall appearance.

The folk art tapestry is 100% wool and in nice shape. It is assumed to be of early 1980~‘90s vintage.

This attractive wall hanging is  58” x  53”.

Item: 5740   $55.00   Shipping:  4lb


(Our Zip is:

Woven Copper Basket 

Vintage Hand Woven Copper Basket 
Very nice construction, with all copper intact and solid. 

The age-worthy aqua colored coating should be noted. It can be cleaned, although not generally recommended; it's Antique value is in it’s patina.

Basket: 11” dia; 11” high to top of handle (basket itself is 4” high not counting handle.

Item: np20       $35.00 
       Shipping: 3 lb  (12x12x12)


(Our Zip is:






Doll-sized Oak and Bamboo Sleigh


Nicely made! Oak rails and pegging appear to have considerable age; bamboo bottom and sides have a high gloss finish.


The age of this Doll sized sleigh is undetermined, but quite attractive, regardless.


Makes a great sleigh accessory for any age toy doll.


Item: 5543     $25.00      weight: 2lbs  (16x10x10 box)


(Our Zip is:

marquette prison art


marquette prison art

marquette prison art

marquette prison art




Marquette Prison Inmate Art - Cribbage Board

Quite the workmanship in this great cribbage board! Storage for the pins are at the end of the board. Brass sleeved pin holders are in both dark and light finish for easy identification.

The Marquette Branch Prison is located in Marquette, Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior. The prison, which opened in 1889, is a state facility that holds about 1,100 inmates in maximum and minimum-security housing.
(Marquette Branch Prison)

The participating prison inmate that crafted a hand-made product to sell at the prison store got 90% of the price, and the remaining 10% went into the inmate benefits program, to keep the project going.
(News Item)

Interesting wall hanging when you're not playing cribbage. A really nice attention getter with a neat story behind it!

The Marquette Prison store has been closed since around 1988, as noted in the various web information gathered. One of a kind craft item? Possiby!

Item: 5939     $35.00      Shipping: 1lb 18x6x1


(Our Zip is:

Small Oval Box Antique Small Oval Wooden Snuff Box with
Opposing Fingers.

Handcrafted Folk Art oval wood box in the typical Shaker design,  measures 3-1/2" long.
Very tight fitting cover!

(minor age related burr on rim as pictured)

Item: wp66         $125.00
                Shipping: 15oz


(Our Zip is:

folk art Seed Box Early Hand Crafted Folk Art Box

Constructed in a very pleasing pattern using many types of seeds stitched together, to a red fabric that covers the small heavy paper box.

Measures 3-1/2" square x 2" high

Item: wp212           $48.00        
    Shipping: 15oz


(Our Zip is:

Small Oval Wood Container Antique Small Oval Wooden Container / Snuff Box.

Very Early construction utilizing metal staple-type
fixtures securing it's opposing fingers and a snug fitting top!

Item: wp67               $110.00
ing: 12oz


(Our Zip is:

george king watercolor


george king watercolor


george king watercolor


george king watercolor

George King (1928-1996) Artist
Original Signed Painting / Watercolor
Sand Key, Florida / 1978

Of National acclaim, limited edition prints have been produced from Florida artist George King’s original watercolors. This is one of a rare few original watercolors available.

George King, the artist, just won a national award for the series. King, who lives in Indian Rocks Beach, is both artist and advertising consultant.

The Beach Art Center (1515 Bay Palm Blvd.; Indian Rocks Beach, Fl.)was founded in 1978 by George King and dedicated to teaching art and presenting it to the general public.

INDIAN ROCKS BEACH – The Indian Rocks Historical Museum has acquired a series of three original prints depicting waterfront scenes from Indian Rocks Beach. The limited edition prints were made from watercolor paintings done by renowned local artist George King in 1976. King founded the Beach Art Center and his work has won national acclaim.

INDIAN ROCKS BEACH – The Beach Art Center of Indian Rocks Beach will feature a special twofold exhibit this month, one celebrating the center's 35th anniversary and the other honoring its founder, George King (1928-1996)

Original watercolor, frame and matting. Condition is as pictured; Aged, clean and presentable.

Frame: 15 x 19 - Artwork: 9 ¾ x 13 ¾

Item: 5466    $155.00   Shipping weight: 8 lbs


(Our Zip is:

gutenfels oil gutenfels oil gutenfels oil gutenfels oil

 gutenfels oil gutenfels oil

Oil on Board - Germany - Castle Gutenfels
Signed “J. C.”
Caub on the Rhine - fivililbrow


Frame: 13-3/4 x 11-1/4  Artwork: 11 x 9-1/2

Two small nail holes top and bottom of frame.




Item:5502    $39.00   Shipping weight: 1lb 8oz


(Our Zip is:

MacLeod Artist 

MacLeod Artist

MacLeod Artist    

MacLeod Artist    

MacLeod Artist 

MacLeod Artist

John MacLeod Artist  (American, 20th Century)

References regarding J. MacLeod:

Richmond-Times Dispatch  1986

Lofty - Fine Art, Antiques / J. Macleod

Artwork appears to be Acrylic on paper.

Frame size: 33” x 26-3/4”     Artwork: 25” x 19”

Some paper buckling; can be flattened with a more suitable backing of choice.

Frame is aged and may be desired to repaint/reframe.

Some areas of lightly soiled matting.

Shipped with glass intact unless removal and discard is otherwise requested.

Artwork shipped with glass intact is provided with Styrofoam and Luan shielding, and insured.


Item: 5520   $225.00     Shipping: 15 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Nomikos Nomikos Nomikos Nomikos Nomikos

J. Nomikos - Watercolor

Original Watercolor on Bainbridge Board
Signed J. Nomikos   1964

Frame: 33-1/2 x 24 Artwork: 13-1/4 x 10-3/4

Matting is painted on; part of artwork and has small puncture within the "matted" are. Some storage soil spots as pictured; needs cleaning.

Item: 5483   $28.00        Shipping weight: 5 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Kadri Aytolon



Kadri Aytolon



Kadri Aytolon

Aytolon, Kadri - Listed Artist
(1873 – Istanbul 1957)

Watercolor street scene in Turkey, with pedestrians.

For further information and collection of works by Kadri Aytolon, please visit the following links:

Frame: 24-1/2 x 19-1/2  Artwork: 17 x 11-1/2

Matting is soiled; artwork appears slightly soiled but unstained.

Shipped with glass intact unless removal and discard is otherwise requested.

Artwork shipped with glass intact is provided with Styrofoam and Luan shielding, and insured.

Item: 5501   $375.00      Shipping: 12 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Sterling salts Sterling Silver Antique Salt Shakers.
"P" monogram engraved on each.
(cleaning/polishing needed)

Item: wp80          $22.00         
    Shipping: 8oz


(Our Zip is:

Sterling thimble Sterling Silver Vintage Thimble

Early sewing accessory, and likely a gift  to a favorite seamstress.

Item: wp324         $18.00   
       Shipped: 4oz


(Our Zip is:

Sterling Silver Tie-Clip Antique Sterling Silver Utensil Handle
Tie-Clip / Broach.

Interesting and unusual gift.
Item: wp325    $24.00
      Shipping: 8oz


(Our Zip is:

Sterling earrings with Mother of pearl inlay Vintage Sterling Earrings with
Mother of Pearl Inlay and solid backs. 

1-1/4" length.
Very nice appearing; needs cleaning/polishing.

Item: wp326   $20.00   
ing: 5oz


(Our Zip is:

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Sterling Silver Heart Pendant
A lot of love can be packed into a small pendant.
Item: wp327     $9.00


(Our Zip is:

Hand Made Brass Rattle Vintage Hand Made Brass Rattle.

Interesting, intricate item! Delicate appearing rattles adorn the top and sides.

Round opening at bottom to accommodate a dowel shaped handle. This baby rattle is 3-1/2" x 4" overall.

 Item: wp74  $45.00

(Our Zip is: 32935)

Sterling Silver Chain with Sterling Leaf Pendant Sterling Silver Chain with
Sterling Leaf Pendant.

Very small; as pictured.

Item: wp328      $7.00    Shipping: 2oz


(Our Zip is:

mark_pericot_prints  mark_pericot_prints mark_pericot_prints

 mark_pericot_prints mark_pericot_prints mark_pericot_prints mark_pericot_prints mark_pericot_prints

Mark G. Pericot Photography

“Doors of the World” Prints


Photographer’s website:


Size w/matting:20 x 16  Print Size: 13-3/4 x 10-3/4



These prints are being sold as a pair.


Item: 5489   $18.00 (pair)    Shipping: 2 lbs 


(Our Zip is:

Oil Painting On Canvas

Oil Painting On Canvas

Oil Painting On Canvas

Oil Painting On Canvas

Very pleasant open porch scene, suitable for any decor!


Artist signature appears to be “Jewel” (?)



Frame: 11 x 13-1/4  Artwork: 8-3/4 x  11-3/4


Item: 5540   $23.00   ship: $12.00 (Med Flat Rate box)


(Our Zip is:

paint by numbers oil

paint by numbers oil

Paint By Numbers - Oil Painting

Well executed oil painting in that very funky style of the 1970s!

Perfect for the Super Retro decorator!

Oak Frame Size: 14-3/4 x 18-3/4   Artwork: 11-1/4 x 15-1/2

Item: 5538      $22.50            weight: 3lbs  (20 x 16 box)


(Our Zip is:

Madonna Ferguson Stenciled Fabric Artwork

Madonna Ferguson Stenciled Fabric Artwork
Titled: “I’ll Bake”
Stenciled in 1985; Number 34 of 250;
signed by Madonna Ferguson
(Certification on picture back).

Framed: 9” x 11” and very cute!
Item NP30      $10.00        
Med. Flat rate: $12.35


(Our Zip is:

Hand Carved Wood - Asian Crumber

Hand Carved Wood
Asian Table Crumber
and Wood Decorative Paper Weight 

The table crumber shovel has a nice, pleasant carved design on it’s face, and it’s table scraper also has a carved design on it’s surface. 

Although the age is undetermined, both of the Asian Table Crumber pieces are made of very lightweight wood, with an age-worthy patina. 

The more modern laser-type carving is a nice paperweight. It’s of a heavier wood, but with no serious indication of it’s age. The carving is interesting enough to hold one’s attention for longer than most inanimate objects, and its weight makes it a nice desktop item. 

  • Crumber:   7” x 6-1/2”
  • Crumber Shovel:   8-1/2”
  • Carved wood piece:   6x2.5x1.5

3 Items: np27      $15.00       Shipping:  1 lb - 3oz


(Our Zip is:



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   Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks   

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1. Why use this guide?

1.1 Diamond Marks 1842-1883

Use this guide if you are trying to find out about an item with a diamond mark but you don't have the registered design number.

The diamond mark, found on the item itself, can help you to work out when it may have been manufactured and what material class it belongs to. This information can help you in searching for a design registration, but you should note that not all searches will be successful.

See our research guide on registered designs for more information.

1.2 Trade marks 1876-1938

Use this guide to find original representations (drawings, paintings, photographs) of trade marks.

The National Archives collection is far from complete, but this guide will suggest supplementary sources for researching trade marks.

2. Essential information

2.1 Diamond marks

Diamond marks were issued by the Patent Office between 1842 and 1883. They were issued with the registration number when a design was registered.

A diamond mark showed that an item was designed in Britain and the design had been registered. It also meant that the person registering it had legal protection against others copying it.

2.2 Trade marks

Trade marks were used to identify a brand. A company's trade mark made their goods recognisable and assured comsumers of the quality they could expect from a product.

Cotton trademarks were registered in Manchester and non-cotton trademarks in London.

Trade marks are still used to protect brands. The ® symbol shows a trademark has been registered. The ™ symbol indicates a manufacturer considers the mark to be a trade mark but it has not been registered

3. What do diamond marks look like?

Diamond marks were printed, engraved or otherwise marked on a design - for example on the underside of china or the reverse of printed fabric.

The mark was in the shape of a diamond with numbers and letters marked at specific points to represent:

  • the type of material used (known as the class)
  • how many items were included (sometimes known as bundles or packages)
  • the day, month and year of registration

4. What do trade marks look like?

The purpose of a trade mark is to be a recognisable symbol of a specific manufacturer - so they are designed to be distinct. Traditionally they have been:

  • a word written in a particular style and colour such as Rose's cordial or Pears' soap
  • a made up word such as Lego or Vaseline
  • a more detailed image such as the lion used by MGM or the Burberry check pattern

More contemporary trademarks include symbols or icons such as those used by Nike and Apple, and sounds or jingles such as the Intel and Nokia tunes.

5. How to interpret a diamond mark

Diamond marks included a letter code to represent the year the design was registered. By the end of 1867 the alphabet had been used in full and the diamond mark had to be altered to avoid repetition.

This means that the letters and numbers used to represent dates are at different points of the diamond between 1842-1867 and 1868-1883.

The mark at the top of the diamond was a Roman numeral representing the material the item was made from. These did not change position.

Use the examples below to work out which date range corresponds to the diamond mark on your item.

For example, if you have a letter in the left point of the diamond and a number on the right, then it falls into the 1842-1867 range. If the number is on the left and the letter on the right it is in the 1868-1883 range.

Use the tables below to work out what the codes represent for the date and the class of material.

diamond mark

6. Diamond mark month codes

Month code Month   Month code Month
A December   H April
B October   I July
C January   K November
D September   M June
E May   R August
G February   W March

*R was used during 1-19 September 1857
*K was used for December 1860
*G was used for the month in place of W 1-6 March 1878

7. Diamond mark year codes

7.1 Year codes for 1842-1867 in alphabetical order

Year codes   Year codes   Year codes
A 1845   J 1854   S 1849
B 1858   K 1857   T 1867
C 1844   L 1856   U 1848
D 1852   M 1859   V 1850
E 1855   N 1864   W 1865
F 1847   O 1862   X 1842
G 1863   P 1851   Y 1853
H 1843   Q 1866   Z 1860
I 1846   R 1861

7.2 Year codes  for 1868-1883 in alphabetical order

Year codes   Year codes
A 1871   L 1882
C 1870   P 1877
D 1878*   S 1875
E 1881   U 1874
F 1873   V 1876
H 1869   W 1878
I 1872   X 1868
J 1880   Y 1879
K 1883      

*From 1-6 March 1878, W was used for the year in place of D

7.3 Codes listed chronologically

Year codes   Year codes   Year codes   Year codes
1842 X   1855 E   1868 X   1881 E
1843 H   1856 L   1869 H   1882 L
1844 C   1857 K   1870 C   1883 K
1845 A   1858 B   1871 A    
1846 I   1859 M   1872 I    
1847 F   1860 Z   1873 F    
1848 U   1861 R   1874 U    
1849 S   1862 O   1875 S    
1850 V   1863 G   1876 V    
1851 P   1864 N   1877 P    
1852 D   1865 W   1878 D*    
1853 Y   1866 Q   1879 Y    
1854 J   1867 T   1880 J    

*From 1-6 March 1878, W was used for the year in place of D.

8. Material classes

I   Metal
II   Wood
III   Glass
IV   Ceramic
V   Wallpaper
VI  Carpets
VII-XIII   Textiles of various kinds, including dress and furnishing fabrics

9. Using our catalogue to find records of trade marks

For tips on searching the catalogue, use the help page.

Records of trade marks are in record series BT 82, BT 900 and BT 244 (see section 7 for more information). The trademarks are not individually described in the catalogue. Instead, they are listed in ranges of registration numbers.

If you know the registration number you can browse the relevant record series in the catalogue to find the right range. For example, if you are looking for registration number 20300, you will find it in BT 82/82 which has the range 20251-20500.

Using the advanced search option to search the catalogue within specific record series and dates will give you more focused results.

Our catalogue contains descriptions of our records. None of the records described in this guide are available online. To view the documents that you find references for, you will need to either visit The National Archives at Kew or pay for copies to be sent to you. Alternatively, you can pay for research.

10. Trade mark representations and registers

When a trade mark was registered, two types of record were created.

10.1 Representations

A representation (for example a painting, sketch or photograph) of the trade mark was submitted and pasted into a book along with a registration number shown on the same page. Sometimes the manufacturer's details are written onto the same page - but not in all cases.

The National Archives has representations in record series BT 82 (1876-1938) and BT 244 (1876-1922).  The record series descriptions in the catalogue give useful administrative histories that will help you to understand how the records were created.

BT 82 includes representations for cotton and non-cotton classes from both London and Manchester offices.

BT 244 contains representations of trade marks for cotton classes from Manchester only. A number of files were destroyed by enemy action in the Second World War.

The files are arranged according to the material class of the items - so that:

  • BT 244/1-44 are class 23
  • BT 244/45 - 436 are class 24 (and numbers begin with M)
  • BT 244/437-461 are Class 25

Search the catalogue within BT 82 and/or BT 244 by date to find the volume of representations that will cover the trade mark you are looking for.

10.2 Registers

Once the representation was received and given a number, an entry was made in a register along with details of the manufacturer or company registering the trade mark.

Unfortunately only a few specimen registers, all relating to BT 82, survive. They are in BT 900 as follows:

  • BT 900/15  register of trade marks covering 5 October 1876
  • BT 900/16 register of trade marks covering 3 October 1876
  • BT 900/17 register of trade marks covering 1884
  • BT 900/18 register of trade marks covering 1934
  • BT 900/19 Appendix to registers of trade marks covering 10 November 1933 to 11 December 1935
  • BT 900/20 Indexes to registers of trade marks covering 15 Jan 1884 to 3 October 1884

There are no registers for the representations in BT 244 making it difficult to link a trademark to its owner unless details were written in the representations volume.

11. Other useful sources for trade marks

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) now has responsibility for registration of trade marks.  Search the IPO database to find trade marks by name of company or description of trademark. If you find the registration number this way you can then look for the original representation in our records.

The British Library has a collection of the Trade Marks Journal from the first year of publication in 1876. The British Library website also offers further guidance on patents, trade marks, designs and copyright.

The publication 'A Century of Trade Marks 1876-1976' (HMSO 1976), available in The National Archives library, gives a detailed explanation of:

  • the Acts of Parliament relating to trademark registration
  • how the records were created
  • the systems used to allocate numbers to registrations

Search our catalogue using the terms trademark and trade mark (both terms are used frequently) and filter your results to see what is held in other archives.

Guide reference: Domestic Records Information 101







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