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Cast Iron, Metal, Tin and Iron Items,
including Vintage Kitchenware, Antique Kitchen Tools & Collectibles

From Vintage doorstops, bookends, trivets and sad irons,
to Antique kitchen tools of yesteryear,
if it's tin, metal or cast iron,
we'll try to put it here for you to find.


Butter-Pat maker Mechanical Butter-Pat maker

Yellow base, newer 1950~1960s design.

Makes 52 patties from a 1 lb butter block.

WP359   $45.00    
12x12x12   7lb


(Our Zip is:

Hand-i-Sift" Flour sifter "Hand-i-Sift" Flour sifter by the Androck Co.
Three agitating screens; three stationary.
Painted tin construction and very clean for it's age.
5-1/2"h x 5"d
wp350   $18.00    
12x9x6   1.5lb


(Our Zip is:

Tin Bunny Chocolate Mold

Tin Bunny Chocolate Mold

Tin Bunny Chocolate Mold

Tin Bunny Chocolate Mold

Tin Bunny Chocolate Mold

Vintage Tin Bunny Chocolate Mold


Five inches tall and three inches wide. Original mold clips are included.



These were made and used from the mid 1800s. Pour the chocolate into the mold and let it cool and harden.




Nice addition for the shelf, and to use for that special occasion.










Item: 5951    $28.00    Shipping: 1lb


(Our Zip is:

Unusual Vintage Tea Strainer Unusual Vintage Tea Strainer

Novel design with drip reservoir. Strain the tea without dripping all over the table!

Very nice condition for it's age! 5" overall length

wp318  $18.00    
12x9x6  1.5lb


(Our Zip is:

Bean-X  Bean Stringer

Bean-X  Bean Stringer

Bean-X  Bean Stringer

Bean-X  Bean Stringer

Vintage Bean-X  Bean Stringer and Slicer

Solid Aluminum. Spring loaded with stainless steel blades.

Made in Orange, N.J. (They grow string beans in NJ?)

Nice, small, vintage kitchen accessory/wall hanging.

Item: 9949    $12.00         Shipping: 4oz


(Our Zip is:

Wearever Aluminum Juicer

Vintage Wearever Aluminum Juicer
T.A.C.U. Co.
Fair condition; rubber feet are well worn, with one missing

Unit could use cleaning and polishing, but still looks great as-is in the retro kitchen!

Item: NP43    $25.00             12x14   2 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Farberware Electric Coffee Pot

Vintage Farberware Electric Coffee PotVintage Farberware Electric Coffee Pot

Vintage Farberware Electric Coffee Pot

Vintage Farberware Electric Coffee Pot with Chrome and Bakelite!

S.W. Farber Inc., New York, NY
US Patent #1839328

Chrome is in great shape (but could use some polishing
The Bakelite feet and Bakelite Handle are in excellent shape.

The pot is clean and in working condition (coffee not included.)

Item NP40   $48.00                  14x10    5 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Kitchen Tools, Cookie Cutters, Advertising

Vintage Kitchen Tools, Cookie Cutters, Advertising
Large lot of 22 pieces: 

1 Walt Disney Productions Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.
1 Fuller Brush Man cookie cutter
1 Grip-A-Tab Model HDA dispenser - Derby, Ct.
1 Patty Pre$$ - Travco, Brooklyn
, NY
1 Texan Nut Sheller - San Angelo
, Tx
1 No Name Nut Sheller - (like Texan model)
1 Swing-A-Way jar opener - Mechanical ratchet-type
1 No Name jar opener - Mechanical ratchet-type (as-is)
1 Pkg of 5 Potato Spears - WC Gaedke - Waterloo,
1 Bonny Topoff  jar opener
1 Aluminum strainer
2 Spice Containers w/label advertising
8 Assorted cookie cutters - bat, people, owl, small donut
1 Cake server w/Bakelite handles 

All Vintage, interesting, and just what you need. (?)

Item NP42          $22.00                         4 lbs 4oz


(Our Zip is:

Solid, Heavy Aluminum Tea Kettle Solid, Heavy Aluminum Tea Kettle
"Battleship Aluminumware"

This Tea Kettle appears identical to Griswold model. 

Solid, heavy Aluminum Pot with cover is 10" x 7".

(Needs thorough cleaning and polishing)

wp317   $45.00    
12x12x12   6lbs


(Our Zip is:

Small "Keystone" grinder Small "Keystone" Meat Grinder
Made in Pottstown, Pa.

9" high; Iron; Marked: #5

wp292   $18.00    
12x9x6  5lbs


(Our Zip is:




Folk Art Cast Iron Cowboy Doorstop


Standing approximately 21” tall.

Cigarette smokin’ and a gun blazin’ keeps that door open (or else).

Welded steel and iron, with braided cable for hair, and horse shoe pieces for body parts.

Very nicely made and intriguing to look at; it’s a real eye-catcher!

Age is undetermined.


Item: 5707   $65.00  Shipping: 7 lbs  24x12x12


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Cast Iron Spaniel Decoration

Vintage Cast Iron Spaniel Decoration
7.5” wide x 6.5” tall. Very narrow base is
only 5/8” x 7.25”

The cast iron base can be drilled to allow mounting atop a mailbox, or to the porch floor (as a foot scraper).
Imagination is needed.

Reasonably clean, as pictured.
Item: NP56     $25.00        2lb


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Cast Iron Parrot Doorstop

Vintage Cast Iron Parrot Doorstop
Unpainted Original, not a reproduction.|
Copyright/foundry mark is a Circle with “S” inside.
Stands 8” tall, with a base of 2-1/8” 

See note regarding this Parrot doorstop: 

Item: NP53      $65.00      Shipping: 4lb


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Cast Iron Ship Doorstop

Vintage Cast Iron Ship Doorstop

Very attractive Ship with full sails extended.

Unpainted and all original casting; this is not some cheap reproduction!

The surface rust on any of the cast iron doorstops is easily wire-brushed off, although the rust does not diminish it’s appearance as a vintage doorstop.
“The beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Item:  NP55     $40.00          Shipping 3.5 lb


(Our Zip is:

Butter-Pat maker; Nice piece of kitchenware Vintage Deco Butter-Pat maker
Nice piece of earlier kitchenware!
Take a one pound block of butter
and make 72 perfect butter pattys.
Original 50~60's green enameled base,
all chrome plated parts.
Extra cutting assembly included.
About 10"l x 8"h x 5"w
wp271   $55.00   
    12x12x10   6lbs


(Our Zip is:

Antique Graniteware Comfit Pan Unusual Antique Graniteware Comfit Pan

Blue Granite Ware Frame with removable metal mesh screen and turned wooden handle.

This hard to find Comfit pan was used to prepare sweetmeats. A piece of fruit or a nut was dipped in syrup, placed on the rack to be heated and the excess sugar was dripped off and recycled

Pan is 9" x 9"; Handle on corner adds 5"

Some modest wear and tiny chips in graniteware from usage. Very interesting and unusual Graniteware item!

wp218   $135.00     
18x18x9   4lbs


(Our Zip is:

Pair of Vintage Meat Grinders 


Pair of Vintage Meat Grinders 

One Keystone model 1-0, and one Climax model 51. Cutters and cranks included; both function. 

They work, and can grind a hunk of steak into nice hamburger quite nicely. It takes some energy to use, but worth it just for the sake of knowing exactly what’s in that pile of hamburg you’re about to ingest.

Just think of it: No more mystery meat or pink slime! 

Nice collectible, kitchen tool, or kitchen decoration.

Item: np25    $25.00 (for pair)  
Med Flat Rate Priority


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Cooking and Decorative Tin ware

Vintage Cooking and Decorative Tin Ware
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cake pan. Copyright: "RLM",  9” diameter  

Commemorative 1776~1976 Tin Platter. 12” diameter

Early scalloped tin cake pan. 8-1/2” diameter

All interesting collectible tin ware ready for the retro kitchen!

Item: NP36    $28.00     1lb 13oz


(Our Zip is:




Vintage Stanat Kitchen Meat Grinder
Solid Aluminum

Stanat Manufacturing Company; LIC, NY.

Very slick all aluminum body; free spinning wood handle

This make a great addition to any Retro style kitchen!

Item: 5558    $28.50    Shipping: 2.5 lbs


(Our Zip is:


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