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Ephemera, Early Paper, Advertisements, Post Cards,
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Vintage Souvenir of Freeport High School! Vintage Souvenir of Freeport High School!
Mechanical pencil in the shape of
a small (5") baseball bat.

wp235         $14.00           Shipping: 8oz


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Lucky Strike 'The Moment Is Right For It' pin 1950s - 1960s Lucky Strike Cigarette Advertising
'The Moment Is Right For It' button lapel pin

This Vintage novelty button lapel pin was made by the N.G. Slater Corp, NYC as a giveaway promotion for Lucky Strike cigarettes during the 1950s through 1960s.

2-1/2" Diameter and an eye-catcher! (Not a repro!)

wp194  $18.00
ping: 8oz


(Our Zip is:

Starrett Tools, Advertising pencil holder Starrett Tools Advertising pencil holder.
Novelty vintage advertising promotional give-away.
Starrett Tool's Manufactured product line items are on three of the four sides. 3" long

wp200     $18.00      
Shipping: 8oz


(Our Zip is:

master mfg, Ill - oil spout

master mfg, Ill - oil spout

master mfg, Ill - oil spout

Master Mfg. Oil Spout 1920

Made in Litchfield, Ill in 1920; seems like yesterday...

Nice, well used oil bottle spout complete with it's small cap.

The darn caps would roll across the pavement at the pumps, usually under a vehicle; most spouts are missing the cap!

These spouts fit the average old Quart size Ball Jar. Like the caps, the oily original bottles slipped from the hands, and the bottles broke easily.

Ah, the days of the "full service" station..  "quart low and your belt should be replaced"...

Item: 5948     $ 19.20   Shipping:  10oz


(Our Zip is:

Pedro's Half Calorie Beer Mug Pedro's Half Calorie Beer Mug Advertising
"South of the Border"  -  "South Carolina"
Low Calorie Actual One Half (1/2) Mug!
This vintage Stein stands 4-1/8" tall

wp188      $29.00       
Shipping: 1lb


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Leather Cigarette Case Florsheim shoe advertising Vintage Florsheim Shoe Advertising
Leather Cigarette Case

W.O. Kirtland Co., "Good Shoes";  Northampton

wp72       $22.00      
ing: 14oz


(Our Zip is:

Vintage - Nixon Presidential Campaign Rubber Republican Elephant! Vintage Solid Rubber Republican Elephant!
Nixon Presidential Campaign Rally

Great Ephemera and Political Memorabilia!
I've been told there was one of these on
each of the restaurant tables at the
Nixon Presidential Campaign Rally in
Springfield, Mass.

Heavy rubber. About one foot high.
Excellent shape!!

wp108     $200.00
    Shipping: 4lb


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Wings Magazines Vintage Wings Magazines 1976 to 1977

1- April 1976 v6 #2
1- August 1976 v6 #4
1- April 1977 v7 #2
1- August 1977 v7 #4
2- December 1977 v7 #6

Clean, no tears, as pictured.
Sold as a Lot of 6 total.

Item: 5298  $24.00 Shipp
ing: 2lbs


(Our Zip is:

Vintage Military and Commercial aircraft picture postcards Vintage Military and Commercial Aircraft Postcard Lot.

Vintage Commercial and Military aircraft picture postcards from all different countries and all different years.

Aprox 70 cards per inch, and about 6 inches of cards.
(Just a sample selection is pictured)

Almost all unused and new! An awesome assortment!

wp84   $225.00 for the lot!        12x9x6   6lb


(Our Zip is:

Fuller brush man letter opener Original Fuller Brush Man Letter Opener.
Clear Plastic (with scuffs, etc; no breakage)
Great vintage Advertising give-away

wp75    $12.50   
ing: 8oz


(Our Zip is:

1980s Thom Mcan Shoe Bag 


Collectible 1900s Burlap Thom Mcan Shoe Bag 

Nice older wall advertising for Thom Mcan Shoes! 

1900s Burlap bag with advertising - drawstring at top; as pictured.

“Exersole shoes” by Thom Mcan were in vogue during the 1980s. The shoes are gone, but the bag remains. 

(Please take notice of the small water stain on the reverse side of the bag.)

Item: np30   $8.00   Shipp
ing: 14oz


(Our Zip is:


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