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Tripp-Lite PV 5001-9342AY inverter Tripp Lite PV 5001-9342AY
Inverter unit 12vdc to 120vac  150w

New Tripp Lite Inverter, but open box; some connectors
may be missing.

All items included are as pictured.

 Item: 5249    $20.00    2.5 lbs


(Our Zip is:

Grayhill Specialty Rotary Switch 7610

Grayhill Specialty Rotary Switch 7610

Grayhill Specialty Rotary Switch 7610

Grayhill Specialty Rotary Switch 7610

Grayhill Specialty Rotary Switch 7610
Grayhill number: 44M30-02-1-2N

New, old-stock in original packaging.


Item: 5302    $38.00   Free Shipping within USA


(Our Zip is:

AC Voltage Regulator

AC Voltage Regulator

AC Voltage Regulator

AC Voltage Regulator

Tripp Lite  LC-1200A AC Voltage Regulator/Conditioner

Provides automatic voltage regulation for computers, copiers, laser printers, fax machines and other sensitive electronic equipment.

1,200 watts of voltage regulation correct brownouts and over-voltages (87 to 140 volts) back to computer-grade 120 volt AC.
(great for RV campgrounds)

The unit has 4 outlets, 6-ft. cord, and built-in surge and noise suppression. Isolated filter banks stop interference between connected equipment

  • 1,200 watts output power rating; 500 joules of energy absorption
  • 4 protected outlets; 6-ft. cord
  • 4 levels of automatic voltage regulation (AVR); voltage correction range of 87 to 140 volts
  • Complete surge protection and EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • Isolated filter banks eliminate interference between connected equipment

Although this device appears to function as it should, it is sold as-is/as-found with no guarantee implied.

Item: 5553    $30.00     Shipping: 15lbs/$15)


(Our Zip is:





Align-A-Site TV Dish Alignment Tool

Complete set with dish mount assembly.


Great for the RV! Aim, pop a beer and watch the soaps.


Info, manuals, etc:

Item: 5964   $38.50     Shipping: 1.5lbs


(Our Zip is:






Milan Raven RC-3112
Fiber Optic Converter

MIL-RC3112 - 10/100BASE-TX / 100BASE-FX ST MMF

Normally used in pairs. This is a single unit acquired as part of a lot. No power supply, cords, etc are included. Unit is sold as pictured. It powers up, but no further testing beyond powering up.

Item: 5919    $20.00  Shipping: 14oz


(Our Zip is:




AudioVox Walkie-Talkie GMRS-862-CH

Walkie-talkie set with dual charger stand and manual.

Nice working set, great for RV, snowmobiling, hunting, etc.

Item: 5639   $12.00   Shipping: 1 lb 8oz  6x6x6


(Our Zip is:

Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB

 Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CBJuliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB

 Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB

Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB  Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB

Juliette 12 Transistor Handheld CB

Juliette Model CB-9012

Channel 9 operation only (10-4 ?)

As the pictures depict, the battery holder and it’s leaked batteries need work. I tested this using a 9vdc battery, and it transmits and receives. The controls are noisy and in need of cleaning. The original box is as pictured, and is age worn.


Item: 5629    $18.00   Shipping: 2lb 8oz  12x9x6


(Our Zip is:



Pair (2) Microphones - Unknown Make

Both appear to be in fine shape(as pictured).

No information available; no make or model number on either unit.

Sold as a pair.

Item: 5627    $15.00    Shipping: 1lb, 12oz


(Our Zip is:



V-Tech Microphone - Unidirectional

Model VT-1030, 600 ohm, Dynamic

In original box, with cable.

Item: 5616   $18.00   Shipping: 2lbs 12x9x6


(Our Zip is:

jax mike

jax mike

jax mike

Vintage Jax Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Model 105

Clean; untested. 50k ohms. On/Off switch on mike body. No Cord; connector is present.

Desktop base/stand is in like new condition.

Mike is untested; sold as-is.

Item: 9959  $18.00  Shipping: 3 Lbs


(Our Zip is:


 Garmin C330 GPS Unit Garmin C330 GPS Unit

 Delorme Earthmate GPS Module #9538 Delorme Earthmate GPS Module #9538   Microsoft GPS-360 Module Microsoft GPS-360 Module 

 garmin-gsp12 garmin-gsp12

GPS Unit Box Lot

Lot includes the following:

1 - Garmin  “eTrex_legend” GPS Navigation

Unit works; Manual on CD included
Nice pocket sized GPS unit w/mapping!!
It’s slow finding the satellites, but new batteries may do better.
Sold as-is / as-pictured

2 - Garmin C330 GPS Unit

Excellent condition; works great!
Florida point of interest maps are loaded,
although somewhat outdated;
Manuals, software and other updates
may be downloadable from Garmin.
Sold as-is / as-pictured

* 3 - Delorme Earthmate GPS
        Module #9538 w/USB
* 4 - Microsoft GPS-360
        Module p/n 360-1000-02  s/n lc4c25681

* These are untested units.
Sold as-is; as pictured.

5 - TomTom One GPS

            Clean and working.
            No mount came with this.
            Automobile Power cord incl.
            Remote came in lot/sold with lot. 

 6 - Garmin GPS-12

Working unit
Takes four AA batteries (not incl)
Quick start manual and waterproof
plastic bag is incl.
Sold as pictured.

All items are sold “as-is / as-found and as-pictured”; No guarantees implied or intended.

All items listed above included in this box lot.

Item: 5211   $35.00 (lot) Shipping weight: 3 lbs 


(Our Zip is:

Borg Johnson HS-912R 12 Band Radio


Borg Johnson HS-912R
12 Band Radio Receiver
  1. AM:        526-1606 KHz
  2. FM:             64-108 MHz
  3. TV:            Channels 2-5
  4. SW1:      4.70-5.20 MHz
  5. SW2:      5.90-6.30 MHz
  6. SW3:      7.05-7.50 MHz
  7. SW4:    9.50-10.00 MHz
  8. SW5:  11.50-12.05 MHz
  9. SW6:  13.45-13.95 MHz
  10. SW7:  15.10-15.60 MHz
  11. SW8:  17.50-18.10 MHz
  12. SW9:  21.45-21.95 MHz

Portable operation using two “D” size batteries (2 generic alkaline batteries incl.) 

Gently used radio is without noticeable blemishes and works well on all bands.

Sale does not include box, a/c adapter, earphones, or anything not pictured (with exception of the two batteries)
Item: np16   $10.00    
     12x9x6    1lb 12oz


(Our Zip is:

Azure PA-1 Antenna Amplifier

Azure PA-1 Antenna Amplifier
(Azure: known for their Loran units,
Wireless Audio units and other electronics)

Suction cup mount with extendable antenna.

Untested (no Loran unit); sold for parts / as-is
Item NP31    $10.00    
Shipping: 1lb


(Our Zip is:

radar_detect_lot radar_detect_lot

 radar_detect_lot radar_detect_lot radar_detect_lot

 radar_detect_lot radar_detect_lot radar_detect_lot

Radar Detector Box Lot

·        Early Warning SRD-1000  s/n 015298 w/power cord

·        Radio Shack SWS-08AQ1  w/safety warning system & w/pwr cord

·        Whistler XTR 150 radar detector. No power cord.

These powered-up; NO further testing performed.
Manuals, mounting devices, etc, are NOT included.

This entire lot is sold “as-is / as-found”; no guarantees implied or intended.

Item: 5219    $20.00           Shipping: 3lbs


(Our Zip is:

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