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Tootsie Toy Hot Rod Tootsie Toy Hot Rod
Model "WB" hot-rod
Red, Metal, and in Nice condition
wp368  $7.00                6x6x6  1st class mail


(Our Zip is: 32935)

Disney Suburban Colonial Dollhouse Classic Disney Suburban Colonial Dollhouse with red roof by MARX toys / Walt Disney Productions.

1950 MARX tin litho, vintage two story dollhouse with depictions of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, and Hewey, Dewey and Louie's images on bedroom walls.
Size: 25" long; 9-1/4" wide (at roof);
14" high (16" to top of chimney).
Some minor wear; some scratches on roof, otherwise fairly clean.
WP363   $65.00              
28x14x12  5lb


(Our Zip is:

Child-sized Wash board Child-sized Wash board; c.1900's
Manufacturer: "The Crystal Company".
Glass washing surface (just like mom's)
11" long; 5-1/4" wide
A real collectible cutie!!
WP364   $25.00            
14x9x6   3lb


(Our Zip is:
Egg Shaped, All Brass Bank Grenade Type Penny Savings Bank
Egg Shaped, All Brass Bank with threaded opening
at base for coin retrieval
Measures 4-3/4" tall 3-1/2" wide
Age unknown.
wp342   $30.00            6x6x6   1.5lb


(Our Zip is:
Bankers Utilities Company - Register Bank Advertising Register Coin Savings Bank
Registers Nickels, Dimes and Quarters.

"Society for Savings"
Bankers Utilities Company;
South San Francisco, USA
Pat. March 31, 1942

Near mint condition! No Key.
wp341   $65.00                  12x9x6   1.5lb


(Our Zip is:
Wooden box penny bank Hand-Made Wooden box penny bank
3" x 4" x 2-1/2"
Appears completely sealed, with no easy retrieval!
(There's a secret opening on it's side!)
wp340   $30.00                6x6x6  1lb


(Our Zip is:
Pottery Chubby Pig Bank Small Pottery Chubby Pig Bank
"Made in Japan" (1960's)
3" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/4"
missing cork stopper in bottom.
wp303  $15.00                  6x6x6   1.5lb


(Our Zip is:
Chalkware Cat Bank Chalkware Cat Savings Bank
10" high (base is 8" dia)
Very cute 1950's vintage styling
wp197   $34.00                   12x9x6   2lb


(Our Zip is:
Kyser & Rex Cast Iron Rooster Bank Kyser & Rex Cast Iron Rooster Mechanical Bank

Re: "Toys + Prices" 1997 edition -
Kyser & Rex 1900's: (good:600  VG:900   EX:1500)

Some traces of the original red and green
paint remain.

This Antique bank is missing the lever and internal assembly that bobs the roosters' head up and down.
wp15   $465.00                    12x12x9  2lb


(Our Zip is:
Vintage Windup Mechanical Mouse Windup Mechanical Mouse

The lithography is beautiful, even for a mouse!
(no key for winding)
wp77   $35.00           6x6x6   1lb


(Our Zip is:
Lincoln Bottle Bank Lincoln Foods Inc., Lawrence, Mass. Lincoln Bottle Coin Bank
Lincoln Foods Inc., Lawrence, Mass.
3-1/2"w x 8-1/2"h 2-1/4"d
Screw top with coin slot is missing, but a great looking collectible bottle bank  anyway! 
wp272   $12.00              12x9x6   1.5lb


(Our Zip is:

Horse Coin Savings Bank Horse Coin Savings Bank
All metal, bronze colored.
Stands 5-1/4" high, and 7-1/2" long
Not "antique" just "collectible"; some wear, as pictured, but a nice vintage bank.
wp249   $18.00         12x9x6   1.5lb


(Our Zip is:

Rubber Donald Duck squeeze/squeak toy Rubber Donald Duck Squeeze Toy.
Made by Sun Rubber Co for Disney Productions.
Unusual, difficult to find Disney toy.

It once was once a squeeze/squeak toy, but now it's flat. We did manage to puff it up, but it doesn't hold air. It was suggested I fill it with sand, but I'll let you make that choice.
   $10.00           6x6x6   1lb


(Our Zip is:
Pottery Casino Bank Advertising     

Pottery Casino Bank, Advertising the
Casino Rouge at Baton Rouge, La.

White Pottery Bank (w/out bottom rubber stopper) 

Clean, and like new in spite of it’s age.

5.5”high, 3.75” wide, and 3.75” deep.
Item: np20    $18.00         12x9x6  1lb


(Our Zip is:
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