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Pre-Owned, Used, for Parts or Repair, and some Brand New items.

As Antique dealers, we often buy box lots at auction, estate sales, yard sales,
and garage sales for that one vintage item in the bottom of the box.

The items that remained are surplus to us and range from new and used Electronics,
Golf Clubs, Shoes, Computer Parts, Business and Office Items,
Tools, and all other typical yard sale / flea market items.

We are now offering all of the surplus yard sale / flea market items we have accumulated
on this special page.

Build Your Own "Box lot"; make an offer on anything that interests you!

We're here to sell!!

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Mickey Mouse Costume - Durable Plastic Head,
Big Rubber Shoes, and Nylon Cape (Adult Size)

Mickey’s head is 15” high, about 48” in circumference, and it is constructed of heavy PVC-type plastic partially covered with soft black fur-looking material, with large soft, black foam furry ears.

The inside of the head assembly includes a helmet-style adjustable device to insure the head/mask stays on properly during all Mouse activities and duties. 

The eyes are of see-through construction (so you don’t bump into Pluto’s butt).

There are many vents through the head to provide ample air-flow. All vent holes are covered in a lightweight black "fur" to match the balance of the head’s construction.

The black nylon cape is a “one size fits all” model, as well as the black rubber shoes. The shoes are 14” long, 6” wide, 6” tall, and stretch at the top to easily fit over most normal human “outside-wear” shoes (well worn, size 8 shoe not included).

Mickey’s Head is as pictured, and is much more appealing than the total foam/fabric , inexpensive imported costume heads that no respectable female mouse would entertain..

This is NOT another cheap import costume! If I were not as impressed as I am with it’s “Life-Like” construction, I would not offer it to anyone having the intention of soliciting Minnie for sexual favors.

Kidding aside, this is a neat costume! Although not guaranteed to net you a bag full of candy, I do think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you do find in the bag.

Item: 5762      $48.00           Shipping: 8 lbs  24x24


(Our Zip is:

Ralph Lauren - Leather - Alligator Patterned High Heel Shoes

Ralph Lauren - Leather - Alligator Patterned High Heel Shoes

Size: 7-1/2 AA - Pre-owned


Pointed toe shoes and a 2-1/2” heel with a  pleasant easy to coordinate medium brown coloring.


Small area of scuffing on the left shoe’s heel (as pictured), and some light, modest wear on soles (also as pictured).


Picture how fantastic these will look on your feet!
(no one will ever know you bought these at a yard sale!)

Item: np13      $11.00         12x9x6   1 lb 10 oz


(Our Zip is:

Mil Spec Extreme Cold Weather Boots

Tactical Style Boots (Military Issue)

Designed and manufactured to US Military Specifications.
Model: Mil B 6362a ; x small
XO-Lusive Shoe Co., inc
Double wool mat insoles only (as pictured)

Listed originally as:
"Mil Spec Tactical Extreme Cold Weather Boots" (per the label).

Without the original wool ankle/calf wool sleeve, and with either their original wool insole (supplied) or any "third party" insole, these can be worn in warm weather comfortably!

I wear a size 8~8.5 and they fit me nicely even with the wool insole!

Neat, inexpensive Tactical style boot!! Item: NP52   $10.00    Shipping: 2lb


(Our Zip is:

Liberty Recessed Flush Mount HingesLiberty Recessed Flush Mount Hinges Liberty Recessed Flush Mount Hinges
Hinges are ½” depth
Liberty #045 08-36 6p2531-21-a
Eighteen (18) hinges to this lot; some mounting screws are included.

Item: 5251     $18.00       
Shipping weight: 2lbs


(Our Zip is:


DJ Strobe ControlDJ Strobe Control

DJ Strobe Controller  Model 1C  GN-2130

1200w / 10a
Unit powers up. No strobes to test with.
Sold as-is/as-found; No guarantee implied or intended.

Item: 5320      $ 12.00         Shipping: 3lbs


(Our Zip is:

Logitech USB Trackball

Logitech USB Trackball

Logitech USB Trackball

dynex card reader dynex card reader

linksys wifi linksys wifi

linksys wifi linksys wifi

Computer Accessory Box Lot

·        Logitech USB Trackball
(used / works well)

·        Dynex 5-in-1 USB Card Reader
New, in original wrap; complete with reader, usb cord, manual and disc.
Small adapter that fits any laptop case or pocket nicely.
Quickly transfer data from chip to disc or vice-versa.
USB-2 supported.

·        Linksys WPC54G WiFi Card Adapter (PCMCIA)
Wireless G adapter fits the standard PCMCIA port.
This is handy to have if/when the internal laptop WiFi dies… It’s an inexpensive “quick-fix”.
Pre-owned, not abused and works well!
Card, original box, disc and instructions included.

All are as Pictured.

Item: 5336    $8.00            Shipping: 2lbs


(Our Zip is:


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Coin & Bullion
Melt Value Calculators

How Much is the Metal in Your Coins & Bullion Worth?Intrinsic Metal Value Based on Current Spot Price

Discover the precious metal or base metal value of your coins, bullion and other treasured metallic items with these handy melt value calculators. Now you can quickly determine what the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and/or nickel content in variety of items is worth. Whether your metal is in the form of coins, bars, rounds, jewelry or just plain scrap; there are several different coin and bullion melt value calculators to select from the drop down menu up top.

You may use the melt value calculators to find the intrinsic metal value of any coins or bullion items that you own. The melting value is calculated using the metal's spot price, which is updated periodically throughout the trading day. The spot price is initially shown in U.S. Dollars although there are several other world currencies available for you to choose from. You even have the option to change the spot price to a different value of your choice, if you would prefer to see the melt value based on a past or future rate instead.

You could also use the melt value calculators when purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, in order to get an idea of the price you might be looking to pay, based on that item's metal composition value. You could even run your calculator in a separate browser window while shopping for coins and bullion online, or while submitting your bids to an internet auction site.

The melt value calculators can only figure the value of the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper or nickel itself. The calculators cannot determine any numismatic worth based on collector demand, rarity, grade or esthetic condition; nor can they provide you with the exact price that any given dealer might be willing pay you for your coins or bullion.

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